Bynack More

The 2.5km Bynack More path branches off southwards from the main ‘Lairig an Laoigh – Fords of Avon’ path at 775m asl and leads to the summit of Bynack More (1090m asl).  Heading southwards, the path begins on relatively level gently undulating ground, passing through short wind-cropped dry heath where in the summer you are likely to see wheatear and skylark. After 1.5km the path rises abruptly and steeply at first for another kilometre towards the summit of Bynack Mor.  A short way up the slope, the path divides into several alternative routes to the summit, to the west, the east and on the ridge itself.  All these routes appear to be well used, the ridge path being the least eroded.  Ptarmigan are often seen on the upper slopes in amongst the wonderfully rounded granite rocks A faint path leads 500m beyond the summit to the Barns of Bynack, less frequently visited but all the more stunning for that.