Coire Raibeirt

Adopted by Alastair
The Coire Raibeirt path runs from near spot height 1141 above the Cairngorm Mountain ski centre southwards down to Loch Avon. On a clear day the panorama towards the south from point 1141 is stunning with views across the tops of the Northern Cairngorms and into the Northern Corries. The return trip to Loch Avon from the ski centre involves around 920 metres of ascent and re-ascent; beyond point 1141 phone signal is unreliable at first and quickly non-existent. The path forms part of the Walkhighlands route Beinn Mheadhoin via the Shelter Stone which gives a detailed description of the route. The upper section of the path is typical of the featureless terrain of the plateau, in contrast to the ever steepening and at times rocky descent down the east side of the burn to the lochside. A side path leads across to the beach and the Shelter Stone at the west end of Loch Avon.
Loch Avon is one of the ‘hidden recesses’ of the Cairngorms celebrated by Nan Shepherd in The Living Mountain and in her poem Loch Avon. Shepherd comments that ‘ the inaccessibility of this loch is part of its power. Silence belongs to it.’

Loch A’an, Loch A’an, hoo deep ye lie!
Tell nane yer depth and nane shall I
Bricht though yer deepmaist pit may be,
Ye’ll haunt me till the day I dee.
Bricht, an’bricht, and bricht as air
Ye’ll haunt me noo for evermair.