Jocks Road – Callater

Adopted by Neville.

Jock’s Road is a mountain path that runs from Glen Callater near Braemar to Glen Doll in Angus. My section of the route runs from Lochcallater Lodge to the head of Glen Callater. I love this path for the changing scenery over its relatively short distance. It begins by skirting the shore of Loch Callater and then closely follows the banks of Allt an Loch. The Glen narrows and steep hillsides overshadow the path which now starts to climb. To the southwest is the high corrie of Coire Loch Kander and the spectacular waterfalls that plummet down from its southern side. Stags can often be heard calling from high up on the hill. Our section of the path ends just before it begins to climb steeply out of the glen to the east of the Tolmount and then begins its descent to Glen Doll.