Minister’s Path

The Miniter’s Road is both a Historic Route between Glens Clova and Prosen – and a Right of Way.  These two always make a route special to me.  It takes its name from the fact that the same minister officiated in the Clova and Prosen churches and this is the route he would regularly take – reputedly by pony and trap.  The route can provide stunning views into both glens and is described by Visit Scotland as the best walk in the Prosen area.

My route covers the path from the Glen Clova south road up to the forestry gate at the trees and a small section further up. The original Right of Way joined the Glen Clova south road some 4Km further down the glen but the new alignment on the Clova side provides faster access to refreshments at the Clova Hotel.  There is a substantial pedestrian bridge (not yet shown on OS maps) across the river on a direct line towards the hotel – avoiding any road walking.

While in this area, be sure to visit the new memorial stone to Capt Scott and Dr Wilson of the Antarctic on the Glen Prosen road at NO 371 606 – not to be missed.