5th September 2018 survey under very dry conditions. This spot remains very significant for the reason given in the 2017 report, as the start (heading west) of the section of the path along Dubh Loch that is ill defined and has never been maintained. However changes are now discernible. The multiple (10-15) braids spread widely across the hillside are now partially growing over (with deer grass) and the more remote braids are almost indistinguishable. Instead walkers appear to be creating more of a distinct desire line path with multiple but fewer braids at close distance rather than spread all over the hillside. The braiding and erosion is particularly significant at the crossing of small burns coming off the hillside to the north, and there are approx. 10-15 of these small burns. Consequently for 2018 “problems” of swathes of braiding have been classified as “Resolved” but newly reported are examples of the many burn crossing erosion/braidings.


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